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Australian $2 coins

As humans, we're fascinated by our history. Coin collectors tap into the magic of history by collecting coins with special significance. Whether it's a coin from centuries past or a special release of a circulated coin, collectors know that holding a collectable coin is holding a piece of history. Australian $2 coins are a popular addition to many coin collections, offering both insight into the past and symbols of today.

What is coin collecting?

Coin collecting is hobby cherished by many. Coin collecting can be as simple as saving the change you receive when making purchases, or as focused as purchasing collectable coins that are no longer circulated. Many collectors enjoy adding rare, historical, or Australian pre-decimal coins to their collections because they value owning a piece of history.

What types of Australian $2 coins can I collect?

The $2 coin is the most valuable of Australian coins, which make them an attractive addition to many coin collections. You can find a wide range of uncirculated and collectable coins online. Many of the uncirculated Australian $2 coins are special in their design and serve as a symbol or remembrance. For example, the Royal Australian Mint, the producer of Australia's circulating coins, created an Australian $2 coin in honour of Remembrance Day. Other uncirculated Australian $2 coins include Commonwealth Games coins, Olympic Games coins, and Changeover coins.

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