Australia Military Badges And Collectibles

Australian military badges are worthwhile collectibles to secure and maintain. They are cool souvenirs and reminders of memorable moments in history and of notable military groups and organisations.

What Are Some Collectible Anzac Day Badges?

ANZAC was the name given to the collective force of New Zealand Army troops and the First Australian Imperial Force. January 10, 1916, was the very first celebration of the ANZAC DAY in commemoration of the bloody war that claimed the lives of many courageous and sacrificial ANZAC soldiers. Today, ANZAC Day takes place every April 25th.

Here are a few prime examples:

  1. ANZAC rising sun commemorative badges. The make is bronze metal and the design is from an actual uniform insignia the 1st and 2nd Australian Imperial Forces of World War I and II wore. It features the texts “Australia” in Bold letters and “Australian Commonwealth Military Forces”. There are different sizes suitable for your collar, uniform and tunic. The design is also available in a smaller sizing for Australian army hat badges.
  2. Torbuk Badges. This is one of the first badges that commemorated WW2 military servants.

What Are a Couple Common Australian Army Badges?

  1. Vietnam Era Australian army badges. These are available in cloth insignia. The badge signifies Vietnam era Australian army Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO). These are officers who've been commissioned without rising above enlisted ranks.
  2. WW1 AIF ANZAC army badges. This is the Australian Imperial Force colour patch that represents a purely volunteer army who started serving in 1914. Those who've enlisted were devoted servicemen who had to undergo tougher physical training and experience, many of whom have served previously with the British or Australian forces.

What Are Other Australian Military Collectables?

Here are some more collectible pieces:

  1. Purple Poppy Lapel Pin. This is from the AWAMO (Australia War Animal Memorial Organisation) in remembrance of animals that served the country in the time of war.
  2. Australian Cub/Scout collectibles. Some items are a green scarf or a green triangular scarf that bears the scout badge.
  3. Australian WW2 Nurse Badges. These commemorate the nurses who've served during WW2. The material is marked sterling silver and originals come with a brooch pin back.