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Collectable Australian Military Boots

Australian field gear is some of the most fascinating articles to collect, not only because of the engineering that went into creating them but also the history embedded in every military issue equipment. As the nation’s military land force, the Australian Army ensures that their men carry the finest quality gear to keep them safe and able in the field. You may enjoy collecting militaria, such as boots, badges, packs, helmets and uniforms for practical equipment that not only look good but are usable as well.

German Army Boots

The First World War was an interesting time for the militaries of the world. They had to formulate a sustainable supply system for consumables and equipment. These systems bore many articles, such as collectable German military boots of WWI, which had wide heels, deep treads and the iconic vertical seam. The German Bundeswehr armed forces use an updated standard issue boot that meets the demands of modern combat. These take advantage of updated manufacturing processes to make the soles extremely durable. The upper is hydrophobic and breathable from its combined use of leather and nylon fabric. The modern boot also promotes the natural arch of the foot to stay comfortable even with long and arduous use.

French Army Boots

France is one of the nations who rode cavalry to battle in World War I, so collectable French military boots from the era typically come in long, knee-high designs for riding into war. Good maintenance preserves the supple brown leather of this classic boot, and their heels and soles are designed to be hard when kept in top condition; these 1800s to early 1900s boot designs were even used during the Napoleonic era. Today's standard issue French military boots come in black leather and modern rubber soles that provide superior grip. They feature nine lace eyelets that run up to the high tongue for a secure fit for the trying terrain of Afghanistan.

Other Militaria

Modern and current militaria are also available for purchase, including original Australian Joint Task Force patches and even army pen and pencil sets. Tactical packs not only look cool, but are also quite practical for use as everyday bags and even as nappy carriers for those macho babysitting duties.

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