Australian decimal stamps for every collector

Ideal for any phillumenist, Australian decimal stamps add some Aussie charm to your stamp book. Discover Australian stamp blocks and sheets, ideal for beginners looking to start their collection. Or, if you're a seasoned collector, explore rare single stamps to add to your collector's cabinet. No matter what stamp you're looking for, you're sure to find something to suit you here on eBay.

Stunning stamps in a variety of designs

Discover Australian stamp blocks and sheets to commemorate different occasions, people, and even cars. If you're an avid explorer, go for a Christmas Island mini stamp sheet. Adorned with pleasant horse designs to celebrate the year of the horse, this 2014 60c stamp block celebrating the Christmas Islands is ideal for any collector.

Or, if cars are more your gear, go for a 2017 Ford 'Great Racing Moments' stamp pack. With 24 stamps with pictures of Ford cars racing throughout the years, these Australian car decimal stamps come in a handy booklet, meaning that they're already safely stored.

If you're looking to bulk up your collection, a stamp sheet of the same stamp may be ideal. Find a Bird Definitive stamps with a red finch in sheets of 100, or go for a sheet of 100 non-Olympic rugby stamps if you're the sporty type.

You can also find individual Australian stamps, great for those looking to add the finishing touches to their collection. Celebrate the history of Australia with a pair of 2018 Convict Past stamps that depict some of the first Australian territories.

Decimal stamps with rock and pop stars throughout the ages add some retro charm to any collector's booklet. Designed with bright neon colours to create a visually striking effect, you can find stamps featuring Easybeats, Skyhooks, and Johnny O'Keefe, perfect for al music fans.

Older, vintage stamps are ideal for the serious collector. $2 Bass and $4 King Navigator stamps from 1966 feature depictions of famous navigators in a truly vintage design.