Australian Gold Bullion Nuggets

Australian Gold Bullion Nuggets

With cities like Melbourne built thanks to their wealth, gold bullion has played an important role in raising the fortunes of many people and places. Found in watercourse sediment or in mining deposits, Australian gold bullion nuggets are a perfect example of that impact.

What Factors Impact the Value of Golden Nuggets?

To determine their value, golden bullion nuggets rely on certain factors, like:

  • Golden Nugget Weight: A key factor in determining the worth of a golden nugget is obviously its weight, as that directly impacts how much gold is there.
  • Golden Nugget Purity: Just as important is the actual percentage of gold compared to various impurities in the nugget. Australian golden nuggets are known for their particularly high level of purity.

What Are Other Forms Gold Can Come In?

Besides as raw golden nuggets, collectable gold can be found in various other forms, including:

  • Gold Bullion Coins: Naturally, a common form to find gold in is coins like the Australian kangaroo coin, officially known as the Australian Gold Nugget. Gold bullion coins and rounds come from countries around the world and have different weights and levels of purity.
  • Gold Leaf: Often suspended in a vial of liquid, gold leaf and flakes are more intended as gifts and presentation than for investment.