Australian Military Collectables

Almost one million Australian men and women served in the Australian military during World War II alone. World War II, spanning from 1939 to 1945, saw Australians serving in active duty throughout the Asia-Pacific, North Africa, the Mediterranean and in Europe. With almost 40,000 Australian military personnel losing their lives in the Second World War alone, people have turned to World War II Australian military collectables as a way of honouring the memories of those lost.

Australia's Military Involvement in Other Wars

Australia's military involvement is not limited to World War II. Australian soldiers have actively participated in several conflicts, including the war in Sudan, World War I and World War II, the Occupation of Japan, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the First and Second Gulf Wars in Iraq, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan. In addition, Australia has an active and ongoing role in the current peacekeeping missions throughout the Middle East.

Range of Australian Militaria

In Australia, military collectables are available in a range of different types and sizes. Common collectable militaria includes Australian military collectable badges, insignia and Australian military medals, along with clothing items such as caps and accessories, watches and personal survival gear. In addition, Australian military collectables can be inclusive and represent all levels of Australia's military, or can specifically refer to Australia's involvement in a particular conflict.

Australia's Involvement in Peacekeeping Missions

Australia has played an active role in peacekeeping missions for more than 50 years, and many Australian military officers have lost their lives while working to promote or maintain peace overseas. As a mark of respect to those who have lost their lives while working towards the freedom of others, many people choose Australian military collectables as a mark of respect and a way to show their support for the peacekeeping efforts overseas.

Victoria Cross Medals

A Victoria Cross medal is one of the highest distinctions that can be awarded to an Australian military officer, and someone who has known a military person who received a Victoria Cross may like to look towards Australia military metal collectables to remember the person's achievements in the field.