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Australian Open Tickets

Watching and playing sport is something that is a major part of every Aussie’s life. Tennis is one sport that may seem stale and preppy, but can really get the blood pumping. In 2018, the Australian Open tennis event runs from the 15th to the 28th of January, and it takes place at none other than Melbourne Park. You can see all of the amazing athletes and feats for yourself by purchasing an Australian Open event ticket through eBay. There is a range of ticket choices available to you, so you can purchase based on price, or desired match, etc.

The Event

Founded in 1905, the Australian Open is an annual event that plays on both hard and grass surfaces. With the prize money totalling in the tens of millions, you can be sure that everyone will be bringing their A-game. Though the competition is tight, players will also have to battle the elements, with temperatures set to sore. The best way to keep cool is with an ice gym towel, just like what the pros use.

The Star Athletes

Some people follow movie stars; others follow athletes. If you can’t get to a match or close enough to nab an autograph, you can easily head online for a piece of original tennis memorabilia.

Upcoming Sporting Events Tickets

If you are a fan of all sorts of sports, you can also find a variety of sporting event tickets online, including the tennis, UFC, basketball, and cricket. Find prime seats that put you up close and personal with the action.

Tennis Gear

For those that are such big fans that they don’t just want to watch the sport in person or on television, you can play it for yourself. Consider a range of tennis equipment and tennis clothing to ensure you look the part and have the best gear to play your best game.