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Australian Silver Bullion Coins and Rounds

Silver bullion coins are not just beautiful to look at; they also serve as worthy investments if you have the patience to collect them and wait for the value to increase. Many countries have their own mints that produce circulating, collector and investment coins. Australia has several mints that produce gold and silver coins with unique designs. If you want to start a coin collection, silver is a slightly better choice as it costs less than gold and thus almost everyone could invest in collectible coins.

Australian Mints

Mints are facilities that print banknotes and produce coins. Australia has several mints, including the Royal Australian, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne Mint. The Perth Mint is the oldest facility in Australia and the only independent one, with silver bullion coins the backbone of its productions. Thus, most of the silver bullion coins come from the Perth Mint and it does offer many collections to choose from.

Popular Designs

Australian collectible coins very often feature an image of something that represents the country. For instance, the longest running silver coin originating from the Perth Mint is the Australian Silver Kookaburra that depicts a bird species, which only lives in Australia. The Koala coins are also quite popular, followed by Silver Kangaroos. Besides designs that reflect the essence of Australia, you can also find silver bullions for each lunar year. Perth Mint also provides some series, such as the Silver Cub Series and the Silver Map-Shaped Series.


Serious collectors typically only purchase silver bullion coins that include certificates proving the authenticity of the coins. Consider acquiring a certified Australian silver bullion coin so you can be sure you do not end up with a fake. Additionally, the value of such bullions is much higher than uncertified coins and rounds. This is worth noting when you want to resell the coins at a later date. The uncertified Australian silver bullion coins are also an option if you want a coin to place something beautiful on the mantelpiece.


You could start your collection by purchasing a few collectible coins. To give your collection a uniform look, try collecting coins from one series as the mints typically produce a new coin for the series every year. You could also focus on lunar year coins or coins featuring koalas and kookaburras. If you want to take the collection to a whole another level, look for special investment products, coins with small mintages that stand out for their rarity.

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