Australian Stamp Collections and Mixtures

Stamp collecting is a popular hobby that is forever expanding because new stamps are always being created. Each country tends to produce stamps with distinctive designs to represent their culture, but sometimes a stamp can be discontinued or become rare making it a collector’s dream. Australian stamp collections and mixtures are vast, but you can search for Australian stamps by type, colour, topic, or printed time frame.

Australian Pre-Decimal Stamp Collection

Australian pre-decimal stamps represent stamps from 1913 through 1965. These include stamps printed after the 1d Red Kangaroo, which is Australia’s first national stamp, and stamps printed before the decimal currency was introduced in 1966. Some of the most popular Australian stamps from that era include the kangaroo collection, which was only made with one die and were only printed with electros. There was also the KGV, KGVI and the QEII periods.

Australian Stamp Collections by Topic

If you are just starting a collection or adding to an existing one, you can choose to collect by topic. You can also check out collections and mixtures so that you can have a variety of stamps for a specific topic. For instance, the Australian bird stamp collections feature various sets such as the 1997 Wetland Birds, the 1998 WWF Endangered Birds, and the 2001 Desert Birds, among others. Other animal collections include fish, butterflies, and dogs.

Recognizing Valuable and Rare Stamps

It always good to have a current stamp catalogue when you are an active collector. An illustrated list of Australian stamps arranged in chronological order that provides info on the current value can be invaluable. If you are not at the stage where you feel it necessary to purchase your own catalogue, you may visit an established library that may have it for viewing.

Stamp Collection Storage

When you are an avid collector, it is wise to have a stamp album or a stock book. The album will allow you to view the stamps clearly while they remain protected and sorted. You could get an Australian stamp album for a specific period with printed images. This way you know exactly where to put each stamp and what they look like in advance. Once your album is created, you should store it properly away from bright lights, humidity and significant fluctuation in temperature.