Australian Stamp Sheets

Stamp collecting is a popular hobby, but the sheer number of stamps on the market can leave some collectors feeling overwhelmed. To alleviate this anxiety, you might consider narrowing your focus to Australian stamp sheets. These stamp stock sheets are not only collectable, but they also provide insight into the history and landscape of Australia and its geographic region. 

What Are Some Types of Australian Stamp Sheets?

There are many types of Australian stamp sheets, each boasting a distinct theme. You can choose between themes that include nature, art, sports, seasonal and famous figures. Each of these themes can further be narrowed by sub-theme and choosing a type of stamp sheets to collect is merely a matter of personal interest. You can also choose to narrow your collection to mint sheets, those that bear no postage marks or cancelled sheets. 

What Should I Look for When Purchasing Stamp Sheets?

While some people choose to collect for pure enjoyment, others collect for the resale value that stamp sheets hold. If you're collecting for the latter reason, consider the condition of the printable postage sheets when shopping, as well as their rarity. Likewise, older stamps or those of limited edition tend to fetch a higher value than newer, more widely available Australian stamps do.