Australian Toy Soldiers

Australian Toy Soldiers

Mateship is one of the most important things to Australians, and the ANZAC fighting spirit best signified this. While many look to forget their war service, there are plenty others out there who commemorate the brave sacrifices of their loved ones and others. Toy soldiers are one of the ways to do this. These usually small figurines depict soldiers from numerous wars and regiments, and you can find them in an array of conditions and prices.


If you are like any other collector, you will know that it is often the older pieces that are the hardest to get. They are also the most valuable. The oldest figures of this kind are metal Australian toy soldiers. The pieces are small, many measuring-in at 54mm, but contain a lot of detail. If you are lucky, you may be able to find some still in pristine condition. Prices can range from $15 for an unpainted model, to almost $250 for a rare, painted action figure.


Another type of collectible Australian toy soldier is the plastic variety. Not the multipacks of green men found in almost every toy store, these collectible pieces have beautiful designs and paint. With some sizing around 1:32 scale, they hold an impressive amount of detail. The prices of these 1:32 plastic toy soldiers may seem a little high, but many are commemorative pieces of history.

Care and Maintenance

If you have worked hard to complete a collection, you want to make sure the pieces stay clean and secure. With many of these figurines containing lead, there are certain things you should do to look after them properly. Choose your cleaning chemicals carefully, looking for the less abrasive ones. Dust them lightly and hold them only by the edges, preventing dreaded fingerprints and smears. Keep your pieces in a safe container or case, away from water and other contaminants.