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Got one to sell?

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What do air filters do for your engine?

Air filters are key parts of a well-performing engine. If you’re buying a complete engine or car and truck parts to build one yourself, you need to make sure you have proper fitting air filters to keep the unit clean and pumping at the highest possible level. So, just what does an air filter do in terms of your engine? Your engine needs a certain amount of air to flow through it in order to efficiently use petrol. Air filters ensure this happens. The air that flows into your engine from outside can be filled with everything from pollen and dirt to other small bits of debris that can harm its inner workings. These nasty particles will physically wear down parts of the engine. They can also get in the way of the aforementioned air needed to combine with petrol, therefore throwing the ratio off and leading to decreased performance. Air filters make sure these substances stay out. When you buy an air filter, make sure it fits the make and model of your car or truck. eBay has great options from respected companies such as K&N for vehicles from huge brands such as Toyota, Ford and Holden.

What happens when your car or truck’s air filter is too dirty?

Although it can change depending on the type of car or truck you have and what type of driving you do, the general rule of thumb is to change the air filter in your car or truck every 30,000-45,000 miles (48,280-72,420 kilometres). The best way to make sure you’re operating with a clean air filter is to get your oil changed regularly. Your mechanic will check your filters to make sure they are doing their job and let you know if it’s time for a replacement. Dirty air filters can impact performance in a variety of ways. One is that your car will get worse gas mileage because it will have to work harder to fight through the debris that is getting in. Another is that you will not be able to accelerate as quickly as possible. Luckily for you, these issues are avoidable with the air filter options available to you every day on eBay. In addition to great exterior car and truck protection items, eBay has the air filters and other auto performance parts to keep the inside of your vehicle in fine working order. Check them out online today!  

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