Automatic Chicken Feeder

Automatic Chicken Feeders

If you own chickens, you probably spend a good amount of time each day feeding and watering them. Even free-range chickens require additional nutrients and calories from feed, especially when laying eggs or during the winter. You can also use feed to help lure strays back to the chicken coop at night. With that in mind, an auto chicken feeder makes life that much easier by always having fresh food available.

Why Get an Automatic Chicken Feeder?

There are many benefits to using an automatic chicken feeder. It reduces the amount of time you spend on chores, it ensures your chickens have a steady supply of chicken feed, it prevents theft by other animals, and it keeps the feed clean and dry. Whether you have a few chickens or a commercial farm, feeders are big time-savers.

What Type of Feeders Are There?

Youll be surprised at the variety of styles available in chicken feeders. One of the more common options is a hanging chicken feeder, which can be hung from a short post and uses gravity to replenish seed as the birds eat it. There are also trough feeders, which are excellent for large flocks, and clever box feeders with self-opening lids. These feeders usually feature lightweight metal plates or grilles that the chickens step on as they approach the feeder, which triggers a mechanism that lifts the lid.

What Kind of Chicken Feed Can I Use?

Many kinds of chicken feed are also available for feeders. Pellets are the most common form, as they remain intact and edible even if your chicks knock them out of the feeder. Mash and crumble are looser, less-processed feed that picky chickens may prefer. Some farmers even mix water with mash to make it more appealing, but this can be messy, can clog up some types of feeders, and makes the feed decay faster. If you have laying chickens, youll also want to pick up some shell grit, which adds vital calcium to their diet.

What is a Chicken Waterer?

You can set up an automatic chicken waterer in your yard or attached to the chicken cages to provide a steady supply of fresh water. Usually small plastic containers or cups, they feature a simple hose connection to your outside faucet. They take a bit more effort to set up and may require additional chicken supplies, but they help to ensure that your chickens have water whenever they need it throughout the season.