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Classic car and motorbike automobilia

With a serious range of high quality of automobilia collectibles to be found on eBay, you're sure to find the perfect piece of automobilia for you. You will find some transportation collectibles for your particular auto speciality included and much more. Whether your interest being brand focused, such as Ford or Ferrari, or a definitive era, with the 1950s being a very popular choice due to the stylish introduction of colour and chrome.

Manuals, books, and posters

When talking to any classic motorbike or car owner, it is clear to see that the hands-on approach to the maintenance and restoration is what lifts the spirit and brings a smile to the faces of this devoted bunch.

Find lost auto documents, such as the Nissan Pick-up Model 720 service manual, or fitting instructions for Ford rear axles and drive lines in a master repair manual. Automobilia commemorative and advertising posters are fast becoming a very chic addition to interior décor, and a BMW M3 E30 “Cockpit M Power Play” poster in top condition can only rise in value over the years.

Classic genuine and compatible car parts

If you are searching for a specific part, then chances are it will be listed amongst the other collectable items for your preferred brand. Hood ornaments, such as a 1954 Chrysler piece or an unused NOS AC Spark Plug Set for oily under the bonnet repairs are all within easy reach.

Custom accessories and gift ideas

Explore creative gift ideas for the classic car owner. There are small and meaningful gifts that show appreciation, like the 1962 VW bus, or a Bburago 1/18 Yamaha YZF R7 diecast models, or browse through collectible posters depicting your favourite models. For something very special and different, you can find genuine bonnets similar to various V8 supercars. As wall art goes, this would be a definite conversation starter.