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Automotive Air Compressors

Anyone who's spent any time at all in a mechanic's shop knows the value of an air compressor. From inflating tyres to powering a wide range of automotive air tools, air compressors run some of the most important automotive tools and supplies. The problem comes up when you leave that shop. Automotive air compressors let you take compressed air to the job, rather than bringing the job to the compressed air.

Tyre Deflators

Once you leave the roads, you immediately put yourself at the mercy of the terrain, and there's very little worse than being stuck kilometres from civilisation with a flat tyre. Luckily, portable tyre deflators let you put the air back where it belongs so you can get going again quickly and easily. Even without a flat, you can use a compressor to deflate your tyres for more traction off-road and then inflate them again for the drive home.

Air Systems

With a full air system, you can build the compressor right into your 4x4. While you lose portability, you gain power and the ability to use air springs so you can adjust your suspension on the fly. They often include tanks, so you can run your automotive air drill anywhere you might be.

Portable Compressors

Portable compressors are good for more than just putting air in your tyres, though they do help with that. You can use them to power air tools anywhere, or help your neighbour when they have a flat tyre. They also make inflating air mattresses a snap.

Compressor Accessories

You need accessories to get the most out of your air compressor. Without the right hoses and fittings there's no way to get the air from the compressor to the tyre. Don't skimp on your hose length, either. The last thing you want to do is find out your hose is too short right when you need it. You may also want a tank, so your compressor isn't running the whole time.