Automotive Battery Testers

Automotive Battery Tester

Save time and money when looking to get the most out of your automotive battery. Automotive battery testers are a great way to determine whether you need a replacement immediately or if there is a little more time to wait. Look to supply your shop or garage with the right automotive diagnostic tools to efficiently maintain your vehicle. Or, consider one for your personal home garage.


A good tester will have an ergonomic design with clearly marked buttons and display. When choosing a battery tester, look for high tech features such as a back-lit LCD screen that has all of the functions you need to diagnose the modern automobile and its components. The unit should be compact and easily storable, whether in a case or on its own.


The function of an automotive battery tester should be quick and immediate. In no way should a tester lag or show an error reading. All battery clamp receptacles should be clearly marked and colour-coded to general automotive standard practices.

Extra Features

Extra features on testers like the Projecta BLT700 12V digital battery analyser have a built-in printer where the diagnostic can be read from. Look for other features the manufacturers include, such as multi-function testing and a USB port for connecting with a computer. All of this functionality should come in a handy carrying case.

Other Diagnostic Service Tools

Other automotive diagnostic service tools include battery chargers, digital timing tools, radiator pressure tools, and so much more. Collecting a suite of diagnostic service tools will ensure your automotive needs remain well known, thus providing the savings for other pressing needs.