Automotive Bearing Pullers


Bearing Pullers Take The Hard Work Out Of Your Car Maintenance

Bearing pullers are an effective way to dismount bearings, gears, and pulleys. As well as being used in the automotive industry, many other industries can utilise a bearing puller. In fact, any industry that uses a motor, appliances like refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners, for example. eBay has a great range of automotive bearing pullers for you to choose from. You can find jaw gear pullers, griping locking pullers, fly wheel separators, and pilot bearing pullers. 

How to work with a bearing puller

A bearing puller is used to remove bearings from their respective housing. It is a handy tool for people who are into bike repairs or motorbike repairs. Bearing pullers can also be used for other purposes, like removing the bearings from a wheel or gears from the wheels.

There are many different types of bearing pullers, but the most common type is a ratchet-style puller. This consists of a handle with a threaded spindle that screws into the bearings' housing and has a knurled knob on top to grip the bearing. The spindle should be long enough to provide enough torque when tightened down onto the bearing to remove it from its housing.

Steps to using a bearing puller

  1. Depending on the part, either outwardly or internally, position the puller.
  2. Adjust the puller legs so they are wrapped around the portion you're working on.
  3. Turn the screw counterclockwise until it meets the shaft. 
  4. Adjust the legs once more to ensure that the screw's centre of rotation is in the centre of the shaft.
  5. The screw should be turned counterclockwise carefully and slowly.
  6. Continue to crank the screw until it pulls the section of the shaft that is being pulled.
  7. Remove the part from the puller's legs by loosening the screw by twisting it in the opposite direction of its original direction of rotation.

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