Automotive Booster and Jumper Cables

No one likes it when the car does not start, and their plans go out of the window. Luckily, with jumper cables at hand, you can quickly solve such a disaster and get your car going again. Gone are the days when booster cables were only part of workshops and garages and now they come in such compact form, that every car owner can have them in their car emergency kit. When choosing the perfect jumper cables for your vehicle, you need to consider several specifications to make an informed choice.

Your Car Battery

Before you can even start looking for jump starters, you need to find out what kind of battery your car has. The jump starter should have enough power to be able to handle your vehicle battery. Check the voltage of your battery from the battery itself. Most car batteries are 12 V models, while some more luxurious car models come with 6V batteries.

Jump Starter Power

The jump starter should be able to provide enough power to start your car. The power measurement units include cranking amps and peak amps. The cranking amps determine how powerful the starter is and you should choose starter that has at least 225 cranking amps, while its peak amps should be at minimum 1200 amps.

Heavy Duty Starters

Heavy duty starters are the preferred choice as they provide most reliability. Heavy duty clamps are relatively large, keeping any sparks away from your hands and increasing safety. Heavy duty cables have an insulation around them that reduces heat generated inside the cables when you jump start your car. When choosing the heavy duty starters, pay attention to the wire gauge. This should be at least 8. Note, that the lower the number, the thicker the cable, so 6-gauge and 4-gauge cables are an even better option.

Other Tools to Consider

Should you want to keep your car battery in working order, there is some other automotive battery equipment for you to consider. For instance, automotive battery testers allow you to check your battery and thus prevent the worst of crises. You can also purchase battery chargers to make sure your batteries are always full. Some jump starters, in fact, double as chargers. If the cables are short, consider getting some extension leads, too.