Automotive Code Readers & Scanners

Automotive Code Readers & Scanners

If you’re in the auto repair business or are just a do-it-yourself mechanic, an automotive code reader and scanner can be a huge help. Being able to pinpoint a problem before you get started working makes getting the job done much simpler.

Are there wireless code readers?

There are wireless car diagnostic tools that are compact and can even be paired with a mobile app using Bluetooth connectivity. This makes keeping your customers aware of what is happening with their car or truck both digital and effortless.

Do I need an adaptor cable?

Some vehicle makes require adaptor cables to connect the autoscanner to the vehicle if it is not an OBD2 or EOBD. You should also consider the make of your vehicle, as many autoscanners are not universal. If you are a car repairman, you may want to have several adaptors on hand so that you will have the proper tools for whatever vehicle comes into your bay.

Are there other types of diagnostic tools?

There are other OBD vehicle diagnostic tools such as multimeters and analysers to test the car’s battery. These might engine testers, cooling system and radiator testers and emissions testers.