Automotive Dollies

Vehicle Dollies For Vehicle Positioning

A must-have piece of kit for every professional garage or car enthusiast, vehicle dollies let you precisely move cars around. This lets you create the perfect angle in the space you have available for safe and efficient repair. From metal dollies for cars to full motorcycle stands, you'll find the ideal workshop equipment for any size garage here on eBay. 

Car dollies

If you often deal with heavier vehicles, go for a set of vehicle dollies that can hold up to 680KG per unit. The strong metal construction is durable and easy to clean whilst the precise wheels give you truly accurate movement around a garage. Apply the lock to stop the wheels from moving when carrying out checks and minor repairs. 

Or go for something with a dipped surface and added grip for extra safety. The robust metal plate dips at the centre to ensure wheels don't slip and the grip further adds to the traction. Each individual has a lock so you can get manoeuvre vehicles with even greater precision. 

A set of four wheel car skates that can hold up to 450KG each is perfect for smaller vehicles. The dipped metal plate perfectly contours wheels with up to 360mm of width for stability whilst the metal sides stop tyres from slipping over the edge. 

You'll also find trolleys that help to load and unload damaged cars onto a recovery van. These handy pieces of garage equipment are perfect for loading cars with damaged suspension around. 

Motorcycle dollies

Find the perfect vehicle lifting tool to precisely move motorcycles around your garage. Choose a large model that can hold up to 600KG in one go. This bright red dolly is long and uses multiple wheels to move heavy motorcycles around with ease. 

With a sunken section to accommodate for the wheels and a side section for the motorcycle stand, this dolly keeps bikes steady. 

Whether you’re shopping dollies, an engine crane, or other vehicle parts including car air filter and car air compressor, you’ll find it all here on eBay.