Automotive Engine Hoists & Stands

Raising automotive engines with hoists & stands

In the market for a high-quality automotive engine stand or hoist for your professional workshop or garage? You will find a truckload of choices on eBay. Automotive engine hoists and stands are constructed from heavy-duty steel and designed to ensure a safe environment while you work on a car engine.

Engine stands

A typical engine stand weighs around 42kg and has a load bearing capacity rated up to 900kg. They feature a folding-leg design with six rotating caster wheels and adjustable arms, so you will be able to mount just about any engine and rotate it 360 degrees. At the smaller end of the range, you will find 20kg engine stands with only four wheels (two rotating, two stable) and a load bearing capacity rated at 450kg. So as you can see, your final decision comes down to the type of loads you expect to be lifting.

Engine hoists

A typical heavy-duty engine hoist or swivel crane is also capable of raising up to 900kg, however the device itself can weigh approximately 95kg. As with engine stands, there are smaller engine hoists rated for a load capacity of 450kg, and larger hoists rated for a massive load capacity up to 2 tons. It is wise to check the boom range and lift range to ensure the crane meets your requirements. For example, boom range might be 780mm - 1300mm on a 450kg rated tool and 1050mm - 1590mm on a 2 ton rated tool. Maximum lift height can range between 2000mm and 2360mm.

Browse eBay now to find automotive engine stands, various electric winches for the workshop and a comprehensive range of other automotive shop equipment.