Automotive Paints & Supplies

Freshen Up Your Paint Job With Vehicle Paint Supplies

Whether you need to touch up a few fading spots on your car or completely repaint, there are car paint supplies online to help. From cleaners and dent repair to quality paint, you can search on eBay to find new vehicle paints and supplies to do the job yourself.

Cleaner and painting preparation supplies

Before you get started painting, find all the tools you need to get your vehicle prepped for a fresh coat. Alcohol wipes are available to clean off dirt buildup. To strip off the current coat of paint, find paint and wax removers among the car paint for sale on eBay. Rust removers are also available to help get a clean surface for your next coat of paint. These removers are available as wipes or as tubs of gel.

To get the body smooth before painting, you may need remove dents and fill scratches. On eBay, you can find dent repair kits which use suction to lift the dent back up. These are ideal for larger dents. For smaller dents and scratches, you can find kits that help remove or fill these small flaws. Tools for this include body hole fillers and vehicle sanding blocks.

What vehicle paint is available?

When you are ready to start painting, there is a large selection on eBay of car paint in a variety of colours. For a smooth finish, start with one of the rust treatment primers for sale. These are often available in white but can sometimes be found in colours. Primers are also available which do not include rust treatment. Among the specialty car paint for sale, find a range of colours including common colours such as black, blue, and silver.

Tools for the vehicle painting process

There are many options of car paint for sale that comes in a spray can. To make the process easier, find spray paint gun handles to help the paint spray on easily and smoothly. If the paint does not come in a spray can, there are spray guns available that can be filled with any kind of paint. In the car paint shop on eBay, you can also find painters tape specially designed for use on cars. Use this tape to keep paint off your windows and trim or to outline unique designs.

Protect yourself while you paint with gloves, masks, and goggles among other types of body shop supplies. These will keep you safe from inhaling paint fumes or getting paint on yourself.

Shop eBay today for all your vehicle painting needs, or search further for other products, including a new car air filter, a car air compressor and much more.