Automotive Roller Seats & Creepers


A Creeper Seat Makes Fixing Your Car Easier And Safer

Bending over working on a car or truck everyday can play havoc with your back and be extremely hard on your knees. So why not take the pressure off your body by investing in an automotive roller seat to make your way around the car? Or invest in a creeper for when you need to insert yourself underneath the vehicle. You will be moving around the workshop as graceful as a ballet dancer in no time.

Automotive roller seats and creepers buying guide

Automotive roller seats and creepers are useful tools in the automotive industry. These chairs are used for body and side work and there are plenty of things to think about when you’re shopping online. 

  • While some models feature contoured seats, others are flat. If you're looking for a contoured seat, look for one with extra curves along the prominent surface to better hug your back. 
  • Check the weight and height requirements. Some models are easy to adjust and fit your height and weight.
  • You can choose a model with one or more castors, which can help you move around the vehicle. 
  • Look for a seat with adjustable height if your space is limited.
  • The cost is another consideration. The budget range of creepers tends to be inexpensive, with simple designs and a little padding. There are also a variety of higher-quality automotive roller seats and creepers that often feature higher padding and better casters. A professional-level product will be well worth the money and provide you with a comfortable, ergonomically correct chair.
  • Some creepers have back supports that can be folded flat for convenience. 
  • The highest quality creepers are often made from moulded plastic, while the more affordable versions are made of fabric. 
  • There are also styles made from wood – which are ideal for mechanics who work on vehicles for a living.
  • Some types have built-in lights for convenience in the workshop.

Take your time shopping for your new workshop automotive roller seats and creeper, read the product information carefully to ensure you are getting all the benefits you need from your new roller seat before you finalise your purchase. Look for the red sale ticket on the top left of the seller’s page for bulk buying deals and the green $ sign above the seller’s terms and conditions and save. Follow the link to redeem any savings. While you are here, shop for other automotive tools and supplies such as a 12V air compressor or air sanders.