Automotive services for all your automotive needs

There is a huge range of automotive services out there, from wide-ranging repair work, remaps, driving lessons, and even chauffeur services. Find the right service for you, whether you need a mechanic or technician to bring a car back to life or just repair the air conditioning.

Let's face it, cars are forever in need of servicing, repairing, painting and just about everything else. So, it's as just as well that there is a huge number of mechanics offering their services along with many others offering just about anything to cover your automotive needs.


Remapping is a popular automotive service for a range of makes and models. This specialised service tunes your vehicle precisely for improved performance without affecting other elements of your car's functions. Remapping specialists can also provide other automotive services such as diagnostics and coding to help you identify issues or areas that can be upgraded. You'll find these services across Australia with installers providing a comprehensive package specific to your vehicle needs.

Vehicle shipping and transportation services

If you're looking to buy your dream car, but it is sitting the other side of Australia, there is a selection of vehicle shipping and transportation options to ensure you get your car in pristine condition. Whether you want to transport the latest sports car or a family saloon, reliable shipping makes the process hassle-free.

There is also the option of importing cars internationally with a comprehensive service from stress-free logistics to registration when it arrives in Australia.

Learning to drive

For anyone looking to get behind the wheel and take the first steps in learning how to drive, you'll find a selection of services offering driving lessons around Australia. It's important to choose the right instructor to give you sound advice and guidance on your journey to increased independence.

The range of services on offer provides lessons, public and personal indemnity insurance, accreditated trainers, plus reliable cars that help you achieve your pass grade.