Automotive Transmission Jacks Stands

Automotive Transmission Jacks and Stands

A transmission jack is a very useful piece of automotive shop equipment. If you need to work on a vehicle’s transmission, you can’t really do without a car hoist.

Why Do I Need a Transmission Jack?

Removing the transmission from a car or truck isn’t easy. A transmission is far too heavy to lift out by hand so a specialised automotive jack is used to lower it down safely. Hydraulic jack stands are common, but you can also find manual models. The transmission jack then works as a transmission stand, so you can work on the transmission without having to transfer it to another piece of equipment. Transmission jacks typically have their own dolly wheels so you can move the transmission to wherever is most convenient to work on it.

What Features Should I Look For?

  • Weight capacity is key. Make sure that your transmission jack is actually capable of lifting your vehicle’s transmission.
  • Transmission jacks tend to be either low profile or high lift designs. High lift transmission jacks are designed for working with a garage lift, while low profile jacks can be used with cars still on the ground.
  • Different transmission jacks will adjust to different heights. A shorter jack might not be a problem with an ordinary car, but you may need a taller jack if you want to work on trucks or other larger vehicles.