Aviation collectibles celebrate the invention of the aircraft in style

On eBay you will find a comprehensive selection vintage and retro aviation collectible items to add to your collection, ideal for any collector.

Aviation collectibles for everyday use

Some modern transportation collectibles are designed to provide in-flight entertainment. The compact and stylish Ansett airlines travel sized backgammon game features magnetic pieces, seven dice, and a folding board to play on.

Luxury first class designer amenity bags are practical and can be used for daily pampering at home or while travelling. Choose from exclusive kits for men or women, with some leather amenity kits including skincare products, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and an eye mask. Other designs feature a cosmetic mirror, a clothes brush and facial tissues. Rare empty amenity kits are also available.

Aviation collectibles that are designed for relaxed lounging include high-quality cotton business class pyjamas. Choose from a selection of airline sleepwear for men and women. Kits that contain slippers and premium quality writing paper are also available.

Retro travel bags are versatile airline collectibles that can be used for travelling or going to the gym. These classic duffle bags have a zip top opening and a shoulder strap In-flight tote bags featuring an airline logo and handles are an alternative luggage option.

Split ring luggage tag key rings are popular aviation collectibles. The key ring features a double-sided, high-quality embroidered tag and is available in a variety of designs.

Aviation collectibles for play & display

Vintage and retro black and white original photos featuring aircraft from the mid-1950s can be displayed in a number of ways. Full colour images of DC-9 aeroplanes are also available. Frame the prints and display on a wall, mantelpiece, or desk.

Deluxe die-cast toy model aviation collectables are highly detailed replicas. The resin moulded models are decorated with authentic airline signage and are available in 1/500 and 1/200 scale sizes that are displayed on a stand.