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Axiom Horse Rugs & Sheets

Axiom horse rugs

Give your four legged friend protection from the wind, rain, sun and insects with an Axiom horse rug. Horse rugs, also known as horse blankets, are specially designed to fit around a horses body without interfering with the its ability to move about freely. Commonly used to cover horses when loose in stalls and pastures, as well as when travelling or being transported, they also serve the purpose of keeping a horses hair short. Horse rugs are most important for show and dressage horses who have had their hair coat clipped, as without their natural insulation, cool weather can leave them vulnerable to sickness.

600D vs 1200D vs 1800D

You may see these numbers appear when shopping for horse rugs online - they refer to the way the material has been woven. The higher the number, the thicker the weave, the stronger the material and the higher the cost. There is often little difference in weight, breathability or the waterproof qualities of the rug between these numbers.


Another important number when browsing listings is the amount of filling packed into the rug - measured in grams. This filling is similar to the fibres inside pillows and horse rugs suitable for winter generally have between 200GM and 300GM of fill to properly insulate the rug and keep the horse warm in cooler weather. Axiom horse rugs come in both standard and combo forms, the latter providing an additional neck covering for more warmth.

Lighter weight and unlined blankets may be used in summer to help and prevent the sun from bleaching a horses hair coat and ward off flies. These are also commonly referred to as horse sheets or fly sheets.


Often measured in feet and inches, the length of a horse rug is usually measured along the lower section of it. As a rule of thumb, a pony of 14 hands high will need a rug of approximately 56, whilst a horse 15 hands high will be more suited to a rug of 60.

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