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The cassette tape is making a comeback, and BASF tapes are still considered the best on the market. BASF has been producing electric equipment for over 30 years to address the changing needs of consumers, but one of their most popular products is still their blank audio and video cassettes from the 70's and 80's. 

When they were first released, BASF blank tapes were the most cutting edge audio tape on the market. Made from Chromium dioxide (Cr02), these tapes were able to reproduce live sound without compromising the treble or bass, or midrange. Whether you were recording or listening to heavy electric guitar or acoustic-based classical music, BASF tapes produced a sound that was faithful to the original. 

While the classic tapes from the eighties are those ones most audio enthusiasts are most familiar with, the BASF Chrome Plus tapes from the 1990's have extra cobalt ions that enhance the quality of the reproduced sound even further. Original BASF tapes are becoming harder and harder to find, but there are still a wide range of them from the 80's and 90's available on eBay. Many of these are in near-new condition, and are perfect for using in conjunction with audio digitisation software to produce a clearer, crisper sound. Perfect for those who still like to make mix tapes of their favourite songs. 

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