High-performance BBS wheels

BBS live to produce the perfect wheel. This brand is passionate about injecting heart, and soul into their products in the pursuit of perfection. Founded in 1970 in Schiltach, this brand has evolved rapidly to become an established name in motorsport, and with car drivers around the globe. Avid fans, and participants in the famous Formula 1 races, or anyone who shares a passion for motor racing, and quality car wheel design knows BBS.

BBS forged line

Instead of cutting, forging is used to seal materials with a heated method to form a solid condition. In order to produce quality, density, and less weight in the wheel, aluminium, or magnesium alloys are used. They are enhanced during the complex forging method to create a durable wheel with high strength, and high performance.

If this line interests you, search for FI-R, FI, LM or Super RS alloy rim wheel ranges. The FI-R wheel is designed for sports car drivers, giving small mass yet big stability.

BBS performance line

Using hydraulic rollers, flow forming achieves higher density in the structure of the material for the rims of the BSS light alloy wheels. The rims are kept in constant motion, rotating under pressure, and at high heat. They are then rolled out over a cylinder.

The CH-R II is available in satin black, or satin platinum. This two-piece design combines BSS best design with the latest technology to create long, thin spokes, and a tiny centre wheel.

BBS design line

For a great long-lasting option, the design line offers everything. Designed, and made with low-pressure aluminium, the casting method for the base of this wheel is highly skilled work. Search for the SX, SR, or XA models in this line. Try the diamond cut SR wheel for something extra special.