Get the Genuine Look

Shop BMW OEM Parts to keep your BMW in mint condition. From hood caps to boot badges, adorn your vehicle with vintage metal pieces and chrome decals for a custom look and feel whenever you hop behind the wheel. 

Original Equipment Manufacturers

OEM is an acronym meaning Original Equipment Manufacturers, so these parts come from the same company that manufactures the vehicle, like BMW. 

OEM vs. Aftermarket

Another option is to buy aftermarket parts, which are parts manufactured by outside companies that fit into most vehicles. So which is better? It all depends on your needs. Aftermarket typically offers a wider selection of parts because they’re not coming from just one manufacturer—this can make it easier to find the pieces you need, at a price that fits your budget. Aftermarket parts typically run at a more affordable price because they aren’t coming from the original manufacturer. It’s possible to find high-quality aftermarket parts, but you will have to do your research and take time to compare quality pieces.

OEM parts are high-quality—made by the original manufacturer they receive the brand’s stamp of approval. For newer vehicles, parts are easier to find and for older cars there’s a variety of vintage pieces you can find to give your car a timeless touch.

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