BMW Motorcycle Brake Rotors

One of the most important elements of motorcycle safety is the brake rotors which, together with the brake pads, are the only elements giving you control over when you want your BMW motorcycle to stop. The role of BMW motorcycle brake rotors is a simple one, yet vitally important. The rotors move alongside the wheels, and it is only when the brakes are applied that the brake pads put pressure on the rotor, which in turn brings the wheels to a halt.

BMW Motorcycle Brake Rotors vs. Car Brake Rotors

In essence, motorcycle brake rotors work in a very similar way to brake rotors on a car or other vehicles, yet there is one very important difference which all riders of BMW motorcycles need to understand. In a motor vehicle, when the brakes are applied, the brake pads grip the brake rotors on all four wheels simultaneously. BMW motorcycle brake rotors work in a different way, with rear and front brakes working independently of each other. Typically, hand levers control the rear and front brakes separately, with the front brake doing most of the work.

Generic and Specially Made Motorcycle Brake Rotors

While aluminium and stainless steel motorcycle brake rotors can provide the best braking experience for your BMW motorcycle, they can also be more expensive than brake rotors made from more generic materials. Mass produced brake rotors are available, generally at a considerably cheaper price, but generally will not last as long as those made from more speciality materials, largely due to the fact that the rotor blade holes are "punched" rather than machined.

Aluminium and Stainless Steel Motorcycle Brake Rotors

For people who intend for their brake rotors to last as long as possible, aluminium BMW motorcycle brake rotors are generally precision machined with a speciality rivet, causing the brake rotor to align much closer with the brake pad. Similarly, stainless steel BMW motorcycle brake rotors are generally heat-treated and diamond ground, allowing for faster braking performance and again, better alignment with the brake pads.