BMW X5 Passenger Vehicles

BMW X5 Model Diesel Passenger Vehicles

The BMW X5 model released in 1999 as an answer to competing mid-size luxury sedans from other European automakers. Since the release of the first X5 generation, BMWs premier luxury sedan appears to have been redesigned and refined after 2 other vehicle generations. Despite changes in technology, BMW has maintained a 5-door body style, four-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive systems, and the option of manual or automatic transmission. Instead of using a light truck body, modern BMW X5 models now utilise a unibody car platform, improving fuel efficiency and streamlining the vehicles undercarriage. The BMW X5 F15, a model released in the third X5 generation, continues to be one the most popular class of BMW passenger vehicles still in production.

Reliable Handling and Performance

Following the rollout of the first X5 generation, BMW introduced the xDrive35d diesel engine into vehicles in subsequent generations. This design, which was and still is compatible with both V8 and S6 engine variants between 3.0 L and 4.8 L, continues to adapt for a wide range of other Diesel BMW passenger vehicles. The BMW X5 model backs up its impressive power output with a suitably rigorous stability system, such as the M Dynamic performance control system.

Commitment to Safety

The BMW X5 has an enormous roster of safety features and accessories. BMW X5 passenger vehicles are an attractive choice for safety-conscious young adults, offering parking and traction control assistance, traction control and a full complement of airbags. Smart internet-enabled chassis sensors will warn the driver if your car moves to close to a neighbouring vehicle.

Spacious and Luxurious Interior

By design, the BMW X5 model can comfortably seat and transport up to 5 adults. You see further improvement in your travelling experience through reclining leather seats, a premium Hi-Fi system and polished wood panelling.

Full of Additional Features

Take advantage of BMW Parking Assistant and cut back on your time spent in front of traffic reports on the radio. As long as you maintain an internet connection in your home, you can enjoy real-time traffic and weather updates reports from the palm of your hand.