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What Should You Look for When Purchasing a Vintage BMX Bike?

BMX is an incredible sport, and the 1980s were the start of the BMX boom. If you're a big BMX fan, then you may want to own a piece of history. When looking for old school BMX bikes on eBay, you should consider your size, the condition, and the model of the bike.

How to find the right size of bike

You may have a current BMX bike already, but you'll want to ride your vintage BMX at least a few times to experience the rush your heroes felt. To enjoy your bike, you need to get the correct size. Your height determines your BMX bike size. Taller riders will need bigger wheels and larger frames. When possible, check the manufacturer site for details. Here are some general guidelines:

  • 62 to 66 inches: Expert XL frames and 19-inch to 20-inch wheels
  • 67 to 72 inches: Pro XL frames and 21-inch wheels
  • 72 inches and above: Pro XXL frames and 22-inch wheels
Is the BMX bike in good condition?

BMX bikes are used and sometimes abused by their riders. A bike can acquire numerous scrapes, drops, and collisions over 20 years. When buying a BMX bike, you must assess its condition. You should check the frame for visible bends or broken parts. Additionally, you should check the wheels for apparent damage. A damaged structure might make the bike unrideable while a damaged wheel requires a serious repair. If the bike has damage, you may want to consider other options.

Brands of vintage BMX bikes

Brands are extremely important when looking at old school BMX bikes for sale. Some brands perform better while others have contributed to the history of the sport for other reasons. You are looking for a collector's item or a showpiece, so you need to get the right brand. Here are some brands and models to consider when choosing your vintage BMX bike.

  • Schwinn Sting: This bike was produced in the early '80s and featured in numerous BMX magazines. It has the classic BMX look and helped the sport grow.
  • Skyway bikes: Skyway was huge in the '80s. Its bikes were tough and well equipped. The company invested in the sport by sponsoring a BMX team. Enthusiasts are fond of the brand.
  • Haro Freestyler: The Freestyler was among the first bikes built for freestyle tricks. Your heroes probably rode Freestylers when they were building their careers.
  • GT performer: GT built its company by designing BMX bikes, so getting a classic GT bike is buying a piece of BMX history and the company's history.