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Bodum coffee machines brew delicious cups of coffee in your kitchen

It’s hard to beat Bodum coffee machines for variety and consistency of flavour. Why? Because Bodum has been specialising in premium coffee machines and coffee makers of all kinds for decades. Bodum understands what makes great coffee and what coffee enthusiasts enjoy, so you can rely on the brand’s products to deliver exceptional coffee experiences.

Types of Bodum coffee machines

There are many different types of Bodum coffee machines on the market. It’s well worth researching the options available, but in the end, your buying decision should be based on how you would like your coffee making experiences to unfold each day. Do you want to keep it simple with a Bodum bean-to-cup coffee machine that does most of the work for you? Or would you prefer to take a more hands-on approach to your extractions using a Bodum coffee grinder and/or coffee press? There is no right or wrong way, and certainly nothing but tantalising aromas and superb flavours to savour. 

The Bodum pour over coffee maker is a home barista’s favourite accessory. This is the product for coffee purists with refined palates! To use this kind of coffee maker, you add ground coffee to the filter and pour over hot water, then remove the filter and enjoy. It’s that simple, yet the flavours will be as complex and interesting as the coffee beans they came from.  

The Bodum signature range of French coffee presses is also a popular choice. Featuring heat-resistant borosilicate glass and stainless steel mesh strainers, these coffee presses are designed to perfection. Use coarse, freshly ground coffee and enjoy a wonderful cup of coffee in just a few minutes.

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