Popular Bodum Products

Boost your home barista skills with designer BODUM coffee equipment   

Shopping online for tableware, kitchenware or coffee equipment? You’ll be hard pressed finding a bigger and better selection than the BODUM range on eBay. BODUM has been specialising in quality European-design home appliances since the 1940s. In modern times, the company has increasingly focused on developing its impressive range of home barista products.   

BODUM coffee machines   

If you love brewing your own hot coffee at home, you’ll love eBay’s collection of stylish specialty BODUM coffee machines and coffee makers. From 3-cup, 4-cup and 8-cup pour-over coffee makers with permanent filters and electric coffee grinders to espresso and cappuccino machines, BODUM has created a delicious choice of bean-to-cup coffee making solutions to provide your daily perks!   

Then there’s BODUM’s famous French coffee presses for that classic looking equipment to match your quality pour. Some of the brand’s most popular coffee presses come in Chambord, Kenya, Brazil and Java Black product lines. Is it time you took the plunge into home coffee by BODUM?   

BODUM kitchen, dining and bar glassware   

BODUM glassware is known for both its fine form and functionality, making it suitable for home kitchens, dining rooms and hospitality venues alike. Contemporary BODUM glasses are thermo insulated with double wall heat resistant glass, so both your hot and cold beverages will remain at the optimal temperature while you relax and enjoy.   

BODUM also create bar and bistro glasses and cups, bar flasks, mugs, leak-proof travel mugs and full kitchenware sets.     

There’s no need to wake up empty-handed or feel dehydrated when you’re on the go.  Try sipping your favourite beverage from a BODUM glass, cup or mug available on eBay.