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Get up to speed with Bones skateboard bearings

Bearings are an essential part of any skateboard as they mount the wheel to the axle and control how fast the wheels can spin. So whether you just want to be able to skate in a straight line or pull off a kickflip, Bones skateboard bearings keep you moving.

The ABEC rating

Keep an eye out for the ABEC rating of these bearings as this informs you of the speed. Either ABEC 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9, the higher the number the faster the bearing.

Breakneck speeds with Bones bearings

Bones skateboard wheels are some of the most widely used wheels, with the brand priding themselves with high quality, unique, and specialised designs. Their durability and performance with universal sizing for skateboards, longboards, rollerblades, and scooters make them a fan favourite.

You will find the classic Bones Reds bearings, their signature product. These skateboard bearings feature a single non-contact removable rubber shield for easy cleaning, high-speed nylon ball retainer and come pre-lubricated with speed cream. These features help make the reds model the industry-leading bearing due to low cost and high performance.

You can also find other Bones bearing products, such as swiss bearings, ceramic, swiss ceramic, and many more, giving you many options to pick from. The differences between these models are marginal and down to preference, however, what remains consistent with Bones bearings is the durability.

You can expect these products to typically outlast any other ABEC rated bearings making them an easy pick for your skateboard. The bearings will typically come in either a 6 pack or 8 pack size too, giving you extra bearings in case you lose any.

With a little help from Bones, you can really get rolling well and be confident in taking your skating up a notch without having to worry about your bearings.

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