BORUiT Camping and Hiking Head Torches

For safe camping and hiking, it is important to have essential camping supplies and hiking accessories. BORUiT has a variety of LED camp lights and other sporting goods available for your choosing on eBay.

What Are Good Features of BORUiT Head Torches?

Head Torches are basic hiking gear. It maintains clear visibility of the path you’re treading on and it gives you visibility to other people. Here are good features in a BORUiT head torch:

  1. Waterproofing. Seals around the light unit and the battery compartment keep your gear functional at all times.
  2. Lightweight feature. A heavy head torch puts a strain on your head and neck especially after hours of walking.
  3. Adjustability. The ability to adjust angles and beam focus is important to personal safety.
  4. Brightness and Distance. Lumens must be sufficient to light your way for good distances. Some find 400 lm head torches do a good job.
  5. Ease of Use. Easily set preferences and make changes. With camping and hiking, quick, sufficient lighting is important to check out sudden noise and to deal with animal intruders.