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BOSS Guitar & Bass Effects Pedals

Create that sound through BOSS guitar effects pedals

You can achieve every possible effect to rock the room with a new or pre-loved BOSS guitar and bass effects pedal from eBay. Whether you’re a talented amateur, serious guitarist or professional musician, quality effects pedals from BOSS offer exciting new sound potential at the recording studio or live venue.

BOSS guitar distortion & overdrive pedals

With a quality BOSS guitar distortion and overdrive pedal, you can achieve natural overdrive with endless sustain, using the level, tone and drive controls for precise tonal shaping.

BOSS guitar looper & sampler pedals

A BOSS guitar looper and sampler pedal, such as the BOSS RC-20XL loop station twin pedal bundle, is ideal for electronic musicians, live performers and even beat boxers. This item offers awesome features to get you looping like a pro, such as up to 16 minutes of recording, 11 loops at a time and foot-switchable loop select.

BOSS guitar delay, echo & reverb pedals

Use a BOSS guitar pedal like the RV-3 to create simultaneous delay, echo or reverb in various high-density modes.

Boss guitar compressor & sustainer pedals

A BOSS guitar compressor and sustainer pedal such as the CS-3 features attack, level, sustain and tone controls in a power-packed 400g unit.

BOSS guitar phaser & shifter pedals

The compact BOSS Ph-3 phase shifter effect pedal gives you the freedom to explore versatile vintage and modern phasing effects like ‘rise’ and ‘fall’ modes, or focus on standard up and down cycles. It provides real-time control of rate, filter and tempo through an optional expression pedal.

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