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BaByliss Clippers and Trimmers

American company BaByliss makes the perfect hair styling tools for professionals. Their grooming products provide ultimate precision and help you to create all kinds of haircuts you could imagine. Clippers and trimmers are a must for men's hair, allowing to cut near the scalp. With different sizes and accessories, the results are versatile. Learn more about the products BaByliss has to offer as well as how to choose a hair grooming machine in the first place.

Clipper or Trimmer

Hair clippers and trimmers are in fact similar and thus confusing them is only natural. Clippers handle larger bits of hair better. This is the tool to use in the beginning of the cutting process. They also tackle longer hair more efficiently. Clippers typically have different accessories to cut at different lengths. Trimmers cut closer to the skin. Their shape is leaner and narrower and they are thus more precise. While clippers are typically for your scalp or for trimming long chest hair, trimmers are best for eyebrows, beards, sideburns and other areas with short hair.

X2 Volare Clipper

The X2 Volare clipper from BaByliss stands out already for its elegant design. You can get it in either black or fiery red chassis. With a Ferrari designed high-speed brushless engine, this tool delivers ultimate precision and lots of power. The engine uses magnets, resulting in a lightweight product that can serve you for up to 10,000 hours. The Li-ion battery allows you to cut your hair with a BaByliss cordless hair clipper for up to three hours, so you can perform quite a few clippings before recharging. With multiple comb guide attachments, you can adjust to any length you desire.

Super Motor Clipper

The BaByliss PRO Super Motor clipper is an efficient workhorse with a high torque pivot motor that can effortlessly cut through longer hair. Five position taper control and six comb attachments allow for various options when handling the clipping tool. The sleek metal housing and Japanese steel blades make for a durable product that you want to use for every touch up or trim.

V-Blade Clippers and Trimmer

The V-blade clippers by BaByliss include Japanese steel blades that provide a unique super sharp V angle for cutting, able to handle even thick and long hair. The classic model features a cord, while the Lithium version with its powerful Li-ion battery is a rechargeable BaByliss clipper. The V-Blade Trimmer uses the same smart blade and when it is fully charged, provides you with up to 75 minutes of operating time.

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