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Babolat Tennis Racquets

Babolat Tennis Racquets

The French company, Babolat, has been around for more than a century and has provided equipment for entire generations of champions. In fact, Babolat is the oldest company that specialises in racket sports like tennis and badminton, and many dedicated players recognise the company for its easily identifiable logo. Babolat was the very company that invented racquet strings, and it provides a range of products for all kinds of players and every style of play.

Babolat Performance Racquets

The Performance racquets by Babolat fall into three categories: Pure Drive, Pure Aero, and Pure Strike. The Pure Drive models look like regular racquets, but this is true only for their outside. They feature sensors inside the handles, giving players information about their strokes, power, and impact. The racquet has a battery that lasts for about six hours and the internal memory can record up to 150 hours of playtime. The Pure Aero racquets stand out for their aerodynamic design and the balls you hit with one of those travel like lightning. The Pure Strike tennis racquets are suitable for players who require more responsiveness to increase their precision.

Babolat Game Racquets

The game racquets are for competitive players who aim for the best performance. The range includes aerodynamic Aero racquets with models like the Aero G and Boost Aero as well as the Drive and the Strike range, which are variations of the Pure series, but not quite the same. Pulsion and Evoke also fall under the game racquets category, both suitable for making the first steps on the court.

Babolat Junior Racquets

The Babolat racquets for young tennis players take inspiration from adult models. The junior performance models are variations of Pure Drive and Pure Aero, while the game models also include some Pure Drive and Aero Junior models. The Junior models are suitable for children whose height is between 110 and 140 cm, while kids models feature smaller sizes as well.

Other Babolat Tennis Accessories

Babolat makes other products, too, and its massive range of tennis accessories have something for everyone. Besides Babolat tennis balls, you can find tennis shoes for men, women, and children, grips, strings for the racquet, and performance apparel. Once you have all your gear ready, you can fit it into a Babolat tennis bag that protects your fragile accessories and fits several racquets.