Baby Accessories

Fun and practical baby accessories for all occasions

Baby accessories come in all sorts of cute combinations and will provide a bit of extra flair to any outfit. There are a huge variety of colours, styles and designs to choose from so matching an accessory to a babys set of clothing is easy to do. Why not add other embellishments such as hats, bibs, bows or other adornments appropriate for every occasion, be it every day or for a special occasion.

Hair clips and headbands for children

When choosing your accessories, consider how much hair the baby may have: a simple headband may suffice, or perhaps a clip to keep the hair from the eyes. Headbands are made from stretchy materials and are available in all sorts of colour; you can find them adorned with bows, flowers, sequins and glitter for example.

Try out different hair bows which come in a range of colours, styles and patterns on ribbon, velvet and tulle amongst other fabrics. Like headbands, these also come with decorations that wont fail to impress. Most common are clip-on hair bows that fasten lightly onto your baby or toddlers hair, and are fun to combine with outfits. Also fastened by easy to attach clasps are hair clips which can often be found to be designed with popular figures, animals, flowers etc for additional decoration. These help to hold longer hair in place while providing a bit of extra style to an outfit.

Winter and summer hats

One of the most useful baby accessories are baby hats to keep babies warm in the cooler months and the sun off in the summer. Take a look at baby beanies, which come in all different kinds of colours. These can be made out of thinner cotton for warmer months and of thicker knitted fabric in the winter. Of course, the ultimate essential accessory for the summer, are sun hats for added protection. Amongst other useful accessories are items such as bibs and other items of clothing including elbow and knee pads which help to provide a good grip on surfaces enabling easier crawling both inside and out.