Baby Bath Tubs

Baby Bathtubs

When it comes to baby health and grooming supplies, baby bathtubs are of the utmost importance. Since newborn babies are too small to bathe in a regular bathtub, special baby tubs are just the right size for parents to clean little ones comfortably. Bathtubs come with many features, in multiple colours, and in many brands, so choose based on personal preference, and keep your newborn smelling sweet and fresh without frustration.

Keep it Clean

A bathtub isnt just a tub for bathing; these newborn necessities offer a full range of features to make bathtime even easier. Purchase a combination tub and scale so you can keep up with your babys growth, or opt for a bathtub that collapses for easy, effortless storage. A built-in water thermometer lets you know the water isnt too hot for your infant, and an inflatable tub lets you bathe your baby anywhere without the bulk of a big plastic tub. Convertible tubs grow with your baby from newborn to infant, with removable supports.


Shopping for baby bathtubs, you may see some brands that look familiar. These trusted brands provide bathtubs of all sizes and styles, including The First Years, DreamBaby, and Infa. Roger Armstrong makes tubs with scales included, while Munchkin creates supportive tubs for babies of all sizes. Fisher-Price makes colourful tubs with added support for newborns, while Bestways inflatable tubs are perfect for travelling.

The Colour of Love

If you want to match your babys grooming supplies to his or her nursery, its easy to find a bathtub that fits the bill. Ranging in colour from white to yellow, pink, purple, and blue, bathtubs run the gamut of shades. Favourite characters adorn some styles, such as Disney princesses or Minnie and Mickey Mouse, or you can choose specific themes, such as animals, or patterns, such as stripes or polka dots.

Its a Wash

When its time for a bath, a tub isnt all youll need to get the job done. Baby towels and washcloths help you clean and dry your little one. Padded seats and supports help keep a little one with no head control in place for a safer bathing experience, and a bath stand supports your bathtub so you can stand straight and bathe baby without back pain. Anti-slip mats keep your child in place in a wet tub, and bathing chairs are perfect for older babies and infants who can sit.