Baby Bathing Accessories

Add a splash of fun to bath time with baby bathing accessories

Bath time is one of the most magical moments for many parents and babies. Having a splash in the tub can help you bond with your little one, soothe them, or even play and interact. Some parents prefer to use bath time as an integral part of the bedtime ritual. Others, will skip that and opt for a bath in the day, depending on what fits their routine. Having the right accessory to hand for fun, relaxing, and safety is important, and checking out the options on eBay will give you a little inspiration.

Health and grooming

Taking time to care for your babys skin, and keep them clean top to toe is an essential part of baby bath time. When it comes to confidently bathing little babies, you can invest in a bath support. These grip the bottom of your bath, and keep your baby in position as you wash them. Other useful products include soaps and washes made for delicate skin, baby toothbrushes, and body lotions. Every baby is different, and having a clear view of your babys skin will help you gauge which products to use, to avoid pesky rashes and skin complaints.

Bath time toys

If you and your baby like to have a little fun in the tub, stock up on some cute bath time toys. Mesh pockets are a handy accessory for storing them if you like to reclaim the bathroom as your own afterwards too. When it comes to the toys themselves, think little rubber ducks, cute animal shaped scrub brushes, squirting shape sorters and stack and pour buckets. You can even find designs from family favourite brands like Disney.

Towels and washcloths

Two essentials for baby bathing are towels and washcloths. A top tip is to have dedicated washcloths for your baby, preferably one for face, and one for bottom. Using different designs for each body area will help you remember which is which. Durable four-layer cloths and soft flannelettes are perfect for delicate skin. And snuggly, baby-sized towels with hoods will help keep your baby cosy.