Baby Bathing Supplies

Keeping your baby clean and healthy is an important part in taking care of your baby. Part of that is regularly bathing your baby and having the proper baby bathing accessories will help you with that task. Besides a baby bath tub, other baby items that you need when bathing your baby include towels and washcloths, skincare, toys and other bathing accessories. Baby bath tubs should have a small ledge to prop your baby up when washing them as well as a non-slip surface. Washcloths should be soft and not irritate a baby’s skin. You can use regular towels to dry your baby; however, hooded towels work just as well since you can use them to swaddle your baby after their bath. Toys are a good idea to help distract babies who do not like bath time, or for those that want a little fun in the tub. Toys can include squeaky, rubbery toys, foam shapes and squirting plastic toys. Other bathing accessories that would be good to have on-hand include cups with handles to easily rinse your baby off as well as visors that keep the water out of your baby’s eyes.

Baby Bath Products

Many of the baby bath products that are available should be gentle on a baby’s skin and free of harsh chemicals or perfumes. Because babies are young and have very new skin, there are many things that could potentially irritate their skin. It is wise to choose baby skincare products from a line that you know and trust. Some of the products a baby would need include nappy rash cream, lotions, and a mild shampoo and soap. Those are just some of the baby essentials that you need when bathing your baby.

Baby Grooming Supplies

Many of the baby accessories that you need will include baby health and grooming supplies. These baby products include everything from combs and brushes to hair scissors to nail trimmers. For baby combs and brushes, you want to have a fine tooth comb that can easily run through a baby’s thin hair. Brushes should have soft bristles that wouldn’t irritate a baby’s scalp. Hair scissors should be tiny but sharp enough to trim your baby’s hair. There are a variety of nail trimming options for a baby. Many recommend traditional nail files as your baby’s fingers and nails are very tiny. Others like to use baby nail clippers that have a built-in magnifying glass to help see the fine nails. There’s another popular nail trimming option that is a file that electronically rotates at a fast speed that buffs away the nail.