Baby Beehinds cloth nappies are great for mums and babies. 

Looking for the best cloth nappy or your baby? Baby BeeHind's cloth nappies are the solution. Baby BeeHinds was started by a mum who, frustrated at not being able to find the right nappy for her baby, decided to make her own. Since then, her cloth nappies have become a hit with parents around the world for their reliability, comfort and high-quality materials.

What makes the Baby BeeHinds nappy special is the layers of bamboo material, blended with layers of microfleece, giving it extra absorbency. The microfleece on the inside lining ensures moisture is kept away from your baby's skin, helping them to sleep the whole night through. This make it an ideal nappy for heavy bed wetters or babies who sleep on their tummies.

The outside shell of the nappy is a soft cotton velour, which is very soft to the touch. It has side snaps on either side, making it extra easy to get on and off. The front elastic prevents leakage and gives a nice, snug fit. The absorbent inside of the nappy is detachable and adjustable so you can adjust the absorbent panels to where it's most needed. It also makes washing very easy. And once washed, these nappies dry very quickly, which is great news for busy mums who need to get baby ready and out the door quickly. 

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