Baby Bibs & Burp Cloths

Baby Bibs and Burp Cloths

Keeping your little one clean is a never ending task. Before you start shopping, it is best to know the options and what features you want and need in a bib. Look for baby bibs that are both comfortable and fit properly. It isn’t just when a baby is eating that you need a bib; dribble bibs are a great way to keep clothing dry especially during the teething days.

Baby Bib Material

As with clothes, there are options when it comes to buying a baby bib. For example, you can use a plastic one that is easy to clean or choose cotton baby bibs and burp cloths that are soft and easily laundered. Additional materials used include muslin, polyester and silicone. The advantage to using a waterproof covering is that clothing underneath will remain dry no matter what your baby spills on it.

Types Baby Bibs

All bibs are not created equal. There are several different styles on the market including feeding, dribble, disposable and even baby bibs with sleeves. Smock bibs are ideal for children that are feeding themselves. You get a complete covering that not only protects the front of the shirt but the arms too.

Baby Burp Cloths

Although you have your infant covered with a bib, when the time comes to place him on your shoulder you’ll want to have a burp cloth to protect your clothing from spit-up. You can also use the cloths for cleaning up after feedings.

Baby Bib Fastenings

When it comes to putting a bib on a baby, it can sometimes be difficult. The type of fastening will make the process easier or harder. Velcro is popular because users can quickly place it on and take it off a squirmy child. Another option is snap, which may take a little more work to put on but it is less likely the wearer will be able to pull it off. Additionally, there are ties and clip fastenings to keep the bib in place.