Baby Born Dolls

  Loving BABY born   

Some kids, whether they are little girls or little boys, simply love playing with their baby dolls. Whether that means rocking their little baby to sleep, feeding it, or taking it for a walk in the pram, that nurturing instinct is there from a very young age. While there are loads of baby doll brands out there, perhaps one of the best known is BABY born. Having recently celebrated her 25th birthday, BABY born looks pretty good for her age. Yep, despite reaching her quarter century, BABY born is still crying and peeing, and generally causing delight in all who own her.   So, what makes BABY born so special? Why do so many kids – and parents – choose BABY born? Well, unlike many baby dolls, BABY born is interactive. She acts in many ways, like a real baby – although slightly less fragile and slightly more quiet. What can BABY born do? When BABY born is upset, she cries real tears. It’s time to find out what’s wrong with her! Perhaps she’s tired? Set BABY born down to sleep and she closes her eyes. After her nap, it’s time for a bottle – or maybe some porridge. BABY born drinks from her bottle and eats her BABY born porridge. Oh no! Every parent knows what that means. It’s time to go potty! BABY born can wet her nappy, or she can pee and poop in her potty (she’s very advanced for such a young child). Time for a bath? BABY born is completely bathable. Oh how that little scamp loves her baths.   

Buying BABY born

Thinking of buying BABY born? Check out eBay’s massive range of dolls to find BABY born dolls and all her accessories. Discover BABY born from a range of eras, from vintage BABY born to her most recent incarnation. Buy new or used, narrowing each search by era, material and features. BABY born will showing her love – and her wet nappy – in no time!