Baby Car Seat Accessories

Travel Tray

Roads trips can be great fun. Particularly if you arent the driver! Kicking back and enjoying a quality snooze, watching a film or just gazing out the window is all possible when youre in the back seat. But could the back seat experience be even better? The answer is yes, if you have a travel tray. With one of these you can snack, drink, write notes, use electronic devices and so much more. There are travel trays to suit all ages and for all types of backseat activity available on eBay.

Travel tray for babies and children

Are we there yet? Would you like to prevent this all too familiar travellers cry from your children? Then get a car seat travel tray! Car seat trays are made of soft padded material for safety so you can use them for babies and children without worry. You want to focus on the road when taking the family on that long drive. A travel tray allows small travellers to keep their toys within reach, to set their games out and lie colouring books flat. Storage pockets on the side are ideal for drink bottles and open packets of snacks and ensure the trip goes along easily. Trays are waterproof and easy to wipe clean.

Snug fit for safety

For a convenient tray that fits snugly around your childs lap and legs and is easy to attach and allow car safety features to function properly, check out the eBay range of travel trays. While youre looking for travel accessories, have a look through the eBay range of overnight bags. The eBay range features popular brand names such as Billabong and Louis Vuitton and a variety of great vintage bags and retro items in leather and canvas. Cabin bags are your best option when you want to walk onto and off that flight without delays.

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