Baby Car Seats

Baby Car Seats

No matter how well your car manufacturer designs your car’s safety features, only baby car seat boosters can give you peace of mind when driving your kids around. There are so many brands of baby car seats and accessories to choose from, but each one ensures that your child is secure in your car. Many also feature headrests that wrap around the sides so that when your kid inevitably dozes off from the comfortable ride, the neck is supported to prevent injuries.

Just for Babies

Manufacturers design some car seats to hug a toddler tightly with comfy cushions, while others include a sturdy, foldable carrying handle whose portability is ideal for carrying infants. For new parents, these infant carriers make for an all-around device for days out with baby. Once they out of it, moving up to a toddler car seat ensures maximum security while in transit to their favourite ice cream parlour.


If your child has grown into a bouncing ball of energy who’s quite a bit taller than their peers, an upgrade is in order. Many options are available when making the upgrade to a booster seat. You can opt for a complete booster seat that’s a taller, bigger version than the ones for toddlers, or you can choose a simple booster seat or pad so your 5-year old can be secure.