Baby Carriers, Slings and Backpacks

Having your hands free to multitask while bonding with your child is an ideal scenario in most situations. Baby carriers, baby slings and backpacks can help to accomplish this. Never has there been a better time to get more done and still feel connected. You can access and harness all of your essentials while still focusing on the most important thing, your baby.

Baby Carrier

Typically, you front mount a baby carrier with shoulder harnesses. This gives the holder an ability to bond with the child. There are often compartments that allow you to carry along certain convenience items. At various shapes and sizes, there’s a baby carrier that is sure to fit your needs.

Baby Sling

This lightweight baby carrying device provides a quick way to carry a child hands-free. Like a baby carrier, a baby sling mostly mounts the child to the front of the body. Other slings carry the child over the back shoulders.


Baby backpacks that are specifically for carrying infants are a great way to comfortably walk around with all essential items and your infant. There are so many compartments to help you stay organised and many styles and colours to choose from. Storage is simple as well because these bags can break down and fold away if you need it.

Baby Hip Seats

For an even more slimmed down carrier, opt for a baby hip seat. These compact holders can strap around your waist and act as a seat for the child in tow. The hip seat is a great holder when you’re sitting at an airport or a doctor’s appointment. There are even compartments like the other baby carriers that make this option very useful. Check out the possibilities that are in front of you.